Phone Consultation

Book a phone session with Debra the Dating Diva!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all the answers instead of guessing what he’s thinking or what you could be doing wrong time and again? Got a situation you’d like to discuss personally?  Book a private phone session with the “Dating Diva” herself–whenever you need it! You can tell her whats happening in your dating life and find out what he’s really thinking or even delve into what patterns or thoughts you carry that are blocking you from attracting or keeping the man of your dreams. She’s the expert and tells it like it is.  It’s way less than a therapy session and way better than acting like a fool towards the guy you’re into. Plus, you’ll get instant advice! And, it can be booked on the fly! You’re girlfriends will always take your side. The Dating Diva will tell you how it really is and what to do next. You’ll end the convo feeling relieved of your anxiety and confusion about dating.

(Just $25 for a 15 minute convenient phone session. Or buy multiple to schedule a longer convo. Once payment is received, you’ll receive an email/text to schedule your preferred time.)

Just $25!


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