I had so much fun reading this!, November 7, 2013
By Amazon Customer
I had so much fun reading this! Debra the “Dating Diva” really has a way of telling it like it is in an inspiring way. I can’t wait to try out some of the behind-the-scenes do-it-yourself wardrobe, hair, and makeup tips to look your best. And the types of losers to avoid section was absolutely hilarious – Mr. No Balls – the Overdoter – classic! Ladies, you won’t be disapointed – enjoy!

Every Woman Must Read This!, November 7, 2013
By mrHat
This is the ultimate book for all women to read. I can think of so many women that are making the same mistakes discussed by the author, and they don’t even realize it. This book points out a lot of things you probably never thought of, or realized you were doing….Newsflash: You’re making LOTS of mistakes, ladies!
There’s also tons of ‘must know’ advice, along with clever strategies and invaluable tips. The author clearly knows what makes any woman attractive to a man, and how to GET a man coming to you. Coming from a straight man, that says a lot.
I highly recommend that EVERY woman reads this book – regardless of age or looks. There is just too much useful information. It’s also very well written and jam-packed with solid info. A+++… Highly recommend!!

Fun and informative read!, December 20, 2013
By Kimberly
Debra did a fantastic job capturing the world of dating in this book. It’s very lighthearted and entertaining which made me feel like I was actually having a conversation with Debra, and not just reading a textbook. If you have ever questioned yourself from what to wear to how to strike up a conversation, Debra breaks it down for you in this book. Definitely worth reading!

Buy this book!!!, November 8, 2013
This is a fantastic and helpful book! I love that Debra gives great advice that not only helps you find the man (or men!) of your dreams but also is extremely empowering; it helps you take control of your love life and make it work for you. The author writes in an informal and personal voice that keeps you laughing and learning through the whole book. A must-read!

How to be a Man Magnate By Debra the Dating Diva, November 5, 2013
By Felisa
Book had very good advice for women of all ages to not only get the man of their dreams, but, strategies to live by. I especially liked the questions asked. Makes one think about who they are, and how special we are as individuals. Would definitely recommend this book for any girl, woman, and man looking for a lasting relationship.

By Tiffany
Great advice! A few tip and pointers that I’ve never thought of before. I will definitely be sharing with my girlfriends.

By FurElise
Easy and funny read with practical advice. Definitely some tips to try out of the gate. Also, some great sections about how to boost confidence which is part of being sexy – for yourself most importantly!
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A must-read!, January 29, 2014
This is a must-read! Debra the Dating Diva’s expert advice, tips, and strategies are what every girl needs to know when it comes to attraction, dating, and relationships. Beyonce should update the lyrics of her song and tell “all the single ladies” to read How to Be a Man Magnet!

Great book, January 29, 2014
By Rosie P
I loved this book. It’s more than just a motivational piece. Its full of resources and great ideas!
I have recommended this to many friends. You will enjoy reading it.

Great book for men, too!, January 28, 2014
I got this book at the recommendation of a girlfriend of mine. At first I was thinking “Why would I read a book geared toward women?” But she was right. The insight was so good that I feel like I finally understand some of the stuff that goes on in womens’ minds and what they’re looking for – which is not always what they say they are! If all women would read this us guys might see them as less crazy! It was pretty entertaining too and except for Chapter 2, the info can apply to guys too! Great info in here! I definitely recommend it to men and women.

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